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How To Find Custom Embroidery Services

Getting custom embroidery work can be as simple as an internet search depending on your specific requirements as well as your location. Whether you need promotional products, branding services for hats, shirts, or sweatshirts, or if you want something more personal such as beautiful embroidery patterns and sequins put on a wedding dress or bag, there are services to help you. Knowing whether you want a hand embroidery service or a kind made from Avance-Emb commercial embroidery machine service can narrow down your results.

There are a few companies that specialize in hand embroidery services. Hand work is typically, and should be, far more expensive than machine embroidery services due to the time involved in producing it. For this reason, be sure to verify that the hand embroidery service, especially if found online, is what it says it is and will produce a truly handmade product. They should charge enough to be a handmade service. But you can also verify that it is by asking for close-up pictures of the front and back of some of their work. Handmade embroidery, close up, has different stitches of different lengths. The threads will likely not all be the same thickness, and the thread itself may be different.

Embroidery by hand often uses threads which are more easily broken. Hand embroidered pieces also use threads that have been split to make a finer finish for some of the more delicate work. These threads and skills are not possible to do on a machine and these distinctions will help determine if work is authentically handmade or if it was machine made for a handmade price.

Also, looking at the back of a sample may tell you if the piece was done by hand or not. While machine made embroidery work has a clean back and clean finish, hand embroidery, because threads must be changed frequently, typically has a much more raged back side.

Machine made work is less expensive and can be personalized to your specifications and produce a very good product depending on your goals. There are typically more machine embroidery services available to choose from then handmade, so this may be easier to find in your area. It may be helpful, in finding an embroidery service, to do a search on the internet for local embroidery or local hand embroidery services.

If this does not produce what you need, there are many artists selling their time and skills on sites such as Etsy.com and Ebay.com. Here you may be able to get a specific piece done from an individual or a company. Make sure, when using such sites, to look over the reviews for the service received by other customers. Due to the nature of the websites, finding artists to do your work here may be more cost effective than using a large company, especially for small or single projects that do not require many copies.

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Finding a good embroidery service can be easy or difficult depending on your specific needs and location. But if all else fails, you may be able to buy an embroidery machine or you may know someone who has one. In this way you can get what you need as well as open future options for yourself when you need more embroidery work for personal projects, gifts, or for sewing logos for your child’s local soccer team.